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Junior MIAGE Concept is offering, since 2007, engineering’s services in IT field and in communication technologies.
Heading a growing Junior Enterprise year after year, which was rewarded during the last two years by a place in the TOP30 of the French Junior Enterprises, I’m proud to be the representative of this Junior Enterprise. My team and myself, are determinate more than ever to move mountains and reach heights.
Since 8 years of existence, the number of achieved project is still growing and it can be seen as the reflexion of our willingness to score up our actions into innovation, we’ll do anything in order to get your satisfaction. Your project will be our priority!

Mazen GHARBI, President of Junior MIAGE Concept

Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises

Since 9169, the CNJE coordinates, organizes and manages nearly 160 junior enterprise all across the country. Through a permanent checking, the CNJE place the quality of their structures at the center of its attention….

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What customer think about us…

What an excellent job they realized! I called them because they are still students and what I thought
first was all the innovative ideas they will bring to my fashion website! And I didn’t made a mistake! I
was impressed by how professional they were! I recommend them without hesitation!
Julie M., Customer
The mobile app was pretty good, with a really attractive price. If I had to keep in mind one thing, is
that it’s really enjoyable to be guide all along your project by a team of young and dynamic people !
Claude T., Entrepreneur

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